Sandy King's latest single, “I'm on Summer Time” 

strolls into stores on July 26th!

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As a follow up to the successful release of "No Words" at the end of May, 2024, "I'm on Summer Time" is a simple and whimsical tune that will draw you in from the beginning. Who doesn't dream about being able to take a break, beat to a new rhythm, and have a song that forever brings back the great memories of a stroll down the boardwalk or just having nothing to do?  The more you listen, the more the harmonies will mesmerize, envelope and hypnotize you into your version of paradise!

A continuation of her evolution as a songwriter, writing this song was just all about fun and her favorite season of the year:  summer.  This song takes on characteristics of a different genre than "No Words"--a combination of a swing, snap your finger, bluesy pop barefoot kind of vibe.  Perhaps Sheryl Crow  meeting the backup vocals of Meghan Trainor or the Eagles.  

She has the power of versatility, and her new works will expand to include some bluesy feels and acoustic rock.  Her focus is on staying current while creating catchy tunes and relatable, thoughtful lyrics, all while showcasing her powerful, warm, passionate voice.

She invites you to join her along the way in reliving some of her previously released works and in bringing the songs of her today to life . . .

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