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Sandy is excited to announce the July 26th release of “I'm on Summer Time”, a fun, whimsical tune about her favorite season:  summer.  Who doesn't dream about being able to take a break, beat to a new rhythm, and have a song that brings back the great memories of a stroll down the boardwalk or having nothing to do?  The more you listen, the more the harmonies will mesmerize, envelop and hypnotize you into your own version of paradise!  It's a combination of a swing, snap your fingers, bluesy pop barefoot kind of vibe.  

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Her friend and producer, Stu Miller, has been integral in bringing the songs to life and she is so excited for the release of this new variety of tunes.

You can purchase the new single “No Words”, along with Sandy's other tunes, on this webpage, or find it on your favorite music streaming venue.  Here's a link to make it easy for you to find it:  

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Sandy King

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This next song is “Champ it Up.”   Recently rearranged by Denver's Rachel James and re-engineered in Nashville by Mike Poole (see his long list of accomplished works at, it’s about shifting away from failure and fear and believing in yourself.  “I had the privilege of co-writing the lyrics of this tune with Lauren Howe, a professional golfer who played on the LPGA for over 13 years, and working with Rachel and Mike on making the song more current."  

Inspired by Donna Orender’s book “Wowsdom” which is a compilation of letters that individuals have written to themselves . . .  perhaps a past or future self.  This is “My Letter to Me”, the 4th song on the CD "PLAY".

Recorded years ago, "Reasons" is one of my favorites off the first CD I got to record.  

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